If you are one of the many thousands of people who are about to buy a property or sell a property, then you may be wondering about the conveyancing process. This process is absolutely essential, and it is important that you hire a professional to help you carry out the work. However, if you have never used a conveyancing solicitor before, then you may be wondering what is actually involved in the process. For many people, it is more complicated than they expect. Here are a few of the steps that are involved in the conveyancing process.

Instructing your conveyancer

Once you have decided to buy or sell a property, the first thing that you will need to do is to instruct a conveyancer. Once you have done this, they will begin to carry out property searches. These range from bankruptcy searches, to environmental searches and everything in between.

Contract drafted

Once all of the searches have been completed, your conveyancing solicitor will draw up a contract draft. This is then passed onto the other party’s conveyancing solicitor, and the negotiation process can begin. The final contract is not put together until both sides are happy with the terms and conditions.

Contract signed and deeds transferred

Once both sides are happy with the terms and conditions of the contract, it is signed. The conveyancing process is now nearly complete. All of the remaining funds will be paid to both conveyancing solicitors, and the deeds will be transferred to the new owner of the property. Once this has happened, the conveyancing process is complete.

Of course, the conveyancing process in general is definitely not as simple as this, there are a lot more steps involved, and it can take quite some time for it to be completed in total. However, these are the basic steps that are involved. If you want to make sure that the process runs smoothly, then the best thing that you can do is to make sure that you hire a professional conveyancing solicitor.